About JWB


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Who We Are

JWB believes that the right to just compensation shouldn’t end when a victim returns home. Our organisation develops the networks, knowledge and know-how needed to make sustainable international lifelines to legal aid possible for victims of human trafficking and labour exploitation. Learn more.

Board and Staff

JWB was founded by Executive Director Douglas MacLean. Find out more about Douglas and his team here.


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Focus on our Legal Fellows

Volunteers are key to our mission. They work on cases, perform legal research and help with many other critical projects. In this article, we interview Chiang Hui Xin to find out more about her experience at JWB and what drives her to engage in pro bono work.


For common questions about how JWB assists and interacts with migrant workers, NGOs, and pro bono lawyers, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

DISCLAIMER: JWB is an independent organization that is not affiliated with any other organizations, including “without borders” organizations. For example, Justice Without Borders is not in any way affiliated with Doctors Without Borders / Medecines Sans Frontiers; Lawyers Without Borders, Inc / Abogados Sin Fronteras, or Judges Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders and Medecines Sans Frontiers are registered trademarks of Medecines Sans Frontiers International.